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Latest news

The launch of ready-to-manufacture ABS Business Intelligence in the Czerwona Torebka S.A.

Advanced Business Solutions has delivered a coherent, analytic reporting platform ,which serves to analyze data regions,  standardization of business processes and creating clear, readable reports. The ABS Intelligence system makes certain that the access to data is well organized, thanks to the homogenous, well organized and constantly updated information source. ABS Business Intelligence Platform is an environment built based on the MicroStrategy OEM license.

Thanks to ABS BI the Czerwona Torebka company has one source of information and data to report, and the sectional analysis are more available for a wider audience. The reports are imported automatically through ABS BI. The system consists of the module ABS BI P&B supporting the region of planning and budgeting of the whole firm and is integrated with region of analysis ABS BI. The Dashboard Subscription of the mobile application as well as using the push up function for data and analysis, ease the current management of the most important processes in the enterprise.


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