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Supervision of the implementation project of the IT system

Before starting the implementation project, we often ask ourselves – how to prepare ourselves and what is worth our special attention. Of course, we must make it clear that there is no simple and unambiguous recipe for the effective realization of such a complicated and multifaceted project. However, a lot will depend on the preparation of our own resources and definition of rules and procedures for the realization of a certain project.

The majority of managers, who already have similar experiences, know perfectly that the project can be managed by experienced, competent persons, who also have the appropriate features that predispose them to manage people. A strong Project Manager is the first significant element that significantly increases the security.

The next element is to introduce users in the design aspects, familiarize them with the new terminology and build a clear and readable project’s structure using the best competences of individual members. Proper preparation of the organization (i.e. employees) to the upcoming changes is crucial for the effective implementation. The idea is that employees should understand these changes and want to perform them. Moreover, employees ought to identify themselves with the project and not afraid of challenges.

Proper communication has the greatest impact on the success of the project. The essence of the project should be a smooth flow of information between all involved Parties. It is important that each Party should understand objectives of the project, the shape of the target system, utilized methods and resources and expectations of users at different stages of the project in the same way. Furthermore, both Parties should understand how the entire project will look like from the point of view of the scope and time.

Our task is the organizational and substantive support of all project members. We work at all levels of the structure and we advise on the level of the Steering Committee, the Project Manager and at the operational level. We assist in the reception of products and give opinions about all arrangements and decisions affecting the correct course of the implementation project.


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