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Strategy of development of information potential

Many times we meet with dilemmas of our clients, whether they should develop their implemented applications, or they should purchase and implement a completely new solution. Making such strategic decisions without a precise analysis will not bring appropriate results.

In the entire strategy of the company’s computerization, managerial staff often cannot implement critical business objectives in specific business areas and processes in the organization. Although the systems operate and are appropriately implemented, i.e. in the assumed range, these organizations may risk the loss of benefits in terms of using the full capabilities of these systems in accordance with business objectives. One of the reasons is that many users often have very few direct interactions with the strategy, which means that they may simply be unaware of the necessary changes and the necessity to adapt solutions at the operational level.

In order to maximize the potential of applications, it is necessary to assess opportunities of their development and compliance with business objectives today and in the future. Due to the advancement of IT applications, various modules often have different levels of maturity. Therefore, it is also important to skillfully control the combination of business and strategic issues with information technology. Furthermore, well-prepared groups of users can constitute an excellent support for new solutions and impact on the extraction of specific benefits from systems – not only for themselves, but above all for your company.


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