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For the retail trade InfoConsulting partnership has prepared solutions which will help effectively manage complex areas of this sector.

These systems allow for optimal selection of the rage of products suitable for the region, fast verification of correctness of functionality and monitoring of sales networks as well as evaluation and monitoring of effectiveness of marketing campaigns which are being run.

InfoConsulting perfectly realizes that there are more and more customers’ requirements from the retail trade. We are aware of the importance of:

  • constant monitoring and analysis of the rate of return and profit margin on products
  • suitable product rotation and inventory management
  • monitoring and analysis of customers
  • suitable cooperation with suppliers
  • easy access to current information from business establishments


Solutions for the retail trade:


ERP for retail is a solution for the central management of retail and wholesale network. The system supports the following areas connected with the commodity turnover and enterprise management:

  • retail in own and franchise network
  • wholesale
  • mobile sales
  • supply and supply chain management
  • warehouse management
  • logistics and distribution
  • central planning and information management
  • management of relationships with contractors
  • marketing policy and loyalty programs
  • financial and accounting and also payroll and personnel background

System openness enables full integration with applications of cooperating companies of contractors and companies providing specialized services e.g. freight forwarding or home banking.

The system ensures efficient and fast service of retail and wholesale with the full control of stocks, merchandise visibility and clearing of liabilities and receivables with freely defined controlling tools.

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BI and Big Data

BI and Big Data solutions enable full service of analytical and reporting needs through interactive analyses, dashboards and results cards and their sharing as mobile applications. The proposed solution is a complete platform of Business Intelligence which gives at the same time an opportunity to run own activities in this range by creating its new elements.

Thanks to use of ABS BI analytical solutions and Big Data technology it is possible to do the production process analysis in a real mode.

These solutions enable to run very complex simulations on the basis of predilection modelling and analysis of a very large sets of information.

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A customer is at the heart of the actions of companies from the retail trade. That’s why any business relations must be analysed and described in details. To collect scattered information about the customer, often of different quality and standard, to carry out analyses a suitable information tool is necessary.

CRM system facilitates organizing knowledge about a customer and building relationships, allows for individual approach to marketing, sales and post-sales processes in every area of the company. The offered CRM is characterized by big flexibility which allows for easier adaptation to requirements of organization, and at the same time it helps create a consistent and clear database for sales departments improving information workflow in the enterprise.

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