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Recruitment in IT

Our faith in the success and effectiveness of the recruitment comes from the knowledge of the market, cooperation with the biggest business companies, institutions, implementing companies, but also from the experience in the ability to verify candidates and their actual achievements. What distinguishes us in these efforts is the ability to define adequate competences and assess individuals on this background.

In the face of expensive investments in IT, we are usually looking for already prepared people, who are able to quickly and effectively implement themselves in the new reality and deal with current problems. Unfortunately, a variety of issues related to the IT area does not allow for proper and accurate identification and connection of these competences, which determines the future of our organization.

How do we know that we can? Our knowledge and experience is the fruit of 16 years and nearly 200 projects completed at the area of several key issues: strategy, organization, management and computer science. Each of our projects involves inter alia the evaluation or design of the IT area, estimation of resources, structure and competences.


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