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Raising funds for investment

Within the framework of the European Funds for the years 2014-2020, there are a number of grants to support the increase of competitiveness among enterprises through investments in the development of products and services, as well as the development of export.

Investment grants are directed to (among other things): enterprises intending to implement solutions leading to the introduction of new products or services in order to internationalize the activity, as well as develop products or services based on information and communication technologies (ICT).
Grants under the new financial perspective can also be obtained for the creation and development of electronically available public services. This support will include projects aimed at providing public e-services, creating or developing modern public and inter-administrative services, as well as digital provision of science resources.

Exemplary types of projects that may obtain grants within the framework of the new financial perspective are, as follows:

– Support for product and process innovation among SMEs (introduction of new or improved products/services on the market, introduction of significant changes to the production process or the method of services’ provision),

– Support for increasing the competitiveness of SMEs (through the purchase of fixed asset equipment, modern machines, through investments leading to the increase of the scale of company’s activity or an increase in the range of company’s offer, purchase of intangible assets (investments in transfer of technologies by the acquisition of patent rights, licenses, know-how or unpatented technical knowledge),

Support for internationalization of enterprises (through the development and implementation of new business models, especially for internationalization, creation or development of strategy for international actions, opening of new business channels, expansion of supply chain, geographic diversification, projects for implementation of modern management methods leading to organizational and process changes in enterprises, e.g.: opening of new business channels (including e-commerce); adjustment of the production to the requirement of the foreign market; creation of departments for export services, certification, logistics).

Thanks to the experience in the supervision and participation in project co-financed from EU funds in the years 2007-2013, we expand our activity and offer assistance in the comprehensive management of projects ranging from technical and financial analyzes of projects, support in the preparation of a grant application and the application documentation, through the monitoring of the proper realization of the project, support in the creation of agreements and documents related to the realization, support in accounting, assistance during the inspection, to the evaluation tests, control of implementation for indicators and the preparation of the final report.

Due to the extensive experience related to the implementation of IT projects, we have technical and IT knowledge, which will allow us to estimate the appropriateness and feasibility of the project within the budget and with the use of determined technologies at the initial stage. We make sure that the substantive scope of the application for funding will ensure the seamless and effective realization and settlement of the project.


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