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Public benefit corporations

Public utility companies aim, above all, to fulfil current and constant needs of people by providing sanitary engineering, public transport, supplying people with electrical energy, gas and thermal energy, managing national housing resources, managing national green areas and others.

InfoConsulting prepared solutions for public companies in the sectors of:

  • Water and sewage
  • Energy
  • Heating
  • Gas
  • Media management
  • Housing

Solutions for public utility companies:


The advanced geoinformation solution ABS GIS is a complete and actual information about the network infrastructure created with the use of a digital map. The system gives the possibility of calculating losses by taking into consideration the network division into areas and using spatial data, as well as the possibility of recording and servicing the network failures on the map, by providing suitable solutions, e.g. indicating suitable linear valves which need to be closed in order to remove the network failure. The solution enables also accessing billing data from the level of the digital map by simply clicking on buildings linked to supported networks.

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The Business Intelligence solution is a modern system ensuring high flexibility adapted to the needs of public utility companies. It brings measurable benefits resulting from real time availability of high quality data. It enables mobile process support and making use of accounts and reports.

The solution provides:

  • Ongoing tracking of activity results of all substantial effectiveness indexes and effects of undertaken market actions
  • Monitoring of results achieved by individual branches and organizational units, and making decisions in projects realization, market management, resource management
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of market data

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The solution offered by InfoConsulting is an easy to use tool which facilitates customer service. Here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a user can receive information about their agreement and up-to-date clearings.

The company, making electronic customer service center available to its customers, respects their precious time and answers their still growing needs. eBOK (electronic customer service center) is not only connected with invoices and financial matters. The application helps building solid relationships with customers thanks to the possibility of sending them collective information.

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ABS Billing

ABS Billing supports two main business areas – Customer Service and calculation and invoicing charges for media. The system collects all necessary information connected with the process of acquisition of a new customer, formalities concerning agreements and also further cooperation (electronic documentation flow, contract history, correspondence). Through Customer Panel it is possible to remotely access current information such as the status of payment or customer’s application. The solution facilitates mass clearing and billing of customers, both outside and in the office. The system supports also processes connected with technical infrastructure management. Quick access to recorded information is possible thanks to reports solutions - ABS Reports or more functionally advanced ABS Business Intelligence.

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