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Process analyzes and process optimization

The analysis of processes is an element to verify the functioning of the organization. It is a reference point for a number of projects on the borderline of information technology and management.

The structured knowledge about the organization plays a special role in IT projects. By joining the pre-implementation analysis, the implementing company often cannot obtain consistent and unambiguous information about the course or processes, if such a work has not been carried out. Unfortunately, the risk is wrong conclusions, incorrectly captured concepts and bad solutions.

It is important to prepare the organization in such a way as not to entrust the responsibility for the project only for users and implementers. Therefore, the pre-implementation analysis will reflect the vision and expectations of users, who do not fully image their role in the integrated system. Moreover, a chance to adapt the processes to the company’s strategy and its business objectives will be lost. In summary, the process analysis should be performed earlier – before the implementation of the system.

The product of our cooperation is a detailed map of processes made in the BPMN2 notation. The selection of a tool is a secondary matter. However, we usually work with the use of programs from the iGrafx group.


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