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Optimization of business processes in the area of production, distribution, WMS and finances in Polcolorit company

erp-700x555Goals of the project:
  • Increasing the possibilities of flexible system configuration as a response to changing business processes
  • Improving service of sales, production and logistics
  • Improving revenues and costs analysis, incorporating cost budgeting to information system
  • Support in reorganization of managerial processes by proper modelling of paths of process maintenance in the information system
  • Adapting information infrastructure to current, modern requirements and standards
  • Reducing costs of services by process execution with the means of standard functionalities of IFS Application™ system
  • Increasing system reliability
  • Modelling the service of marketing orders with the use of production model
  • Implementing VAP WMS system for improvement of warehouse logistics management

Due to a short time for the system implementation it was undoubtedly a big challenge to meet the deadline. The agreement was concluded between the parties in September 2013. Both companies set the goal of activating production system just at the beginning of 2014. The customer used IFS Application™ 2003 version before, however, our experts had to perform a complete implementation according to the methodology:

  • Preparing the project
  • Projecting solutions
  • Preparing solution
  • Preparing activation
  • Production launch and assistance

Customer’s aims and expectations that had to be met after system implementation were defined in the initial phase . Carrying out the project in such a short time (4 month) was possible thanks to the high functionality of the most modern version of IFS Application™ system and also used by InfoConsulting proven implementation methodology – IFS Implementation™. The second phase was projecting solution where target infrastructure installation was done (including application server, disc space, extended server), installation of the operational system of the application server and Oracle installation as well. The range of implemented in ZSI business processes, basic parameterization of IFS Application™ for Production System, the way and tools of data migration were defined. During phase III of preparing solution InfoConsulting experts did a sample data migration, after which technical and substantive verification of results was carried out. Interface was installed in test environment. After tests and trainings, the production version of the IFS Application™8 system was activated. In Polcolorit, the WMS system was also implemented – managing of warehouse of ready goods by creating tasks to do (pallets, racks, zones and power outlets) labelled with a barcode; operators working in the warehouse received tasks to do on the wireless terminals.

Benefits of the implementation

Thanks to the implementation of IFS Application™ 8 the Polcolorit company improved its effectiveness in sales, production and Logistics. Important from the customer’s point of view was the implementation of warehouse system WMS which significantly improved Warehouse logistics management.

About the customer:

Polcolorit S.A. is the oldest private company producing ceramic tiles in Poland. The enterprise was founded in 1984 and since that time it has been constantly developing. Every year produced assortment is expanded and stock of machines is successively modernized. Manufacturing plants belong to the most modern in the country and in Europe regarding architectonic and technological solutions. POLCOLORIT S.A. stands out with exceptional design assortment of bathroom, kitchen and floor tiles and beautiful ornaments. Colours of tiles and their unique design give a timeless character to our collections.


The implementation executed by ABS consultants and experts was evaluated by the customer.

See the testimonial
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    „By changing the system we wanted, in reality, to change the company. Eliminating or reducing bad influences from a dozen or so years, simplifying system processes increasing their effectiveness and opening the company and its employees to contemporary technologies – also in contact with a customer or management.”
    Zenon Kordyś / Chief of IT department, Implementation Manager in Polcolorit company
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