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Logistics must deal with all challenges of contemporary market. They are, especially, flexibility and close cooperation with a customer, speed of response and punctuality.

Logistics companies are supported in execution of  customer’s needs by a range of advanced IT systems that give the managers a full control over the following troubling areas:

  • Expenditures control, taking care of cost optimization
  • Maintaining high quality of transport and storage services
  • Proper fleet management
  • Fast information flow
  • On-time execution of services

InfoConsulting has prepared for logistics companies solutions which facilitate the management process.  

Solutions for logistics:


The prepared ERP solution supports the area of fleet management, especially in material management, renovation planning, monitoring stocks, which is most important in assessing the availability of spare parts. ERP system also allows for analysis of fuel consumption and vehicle failure frequency. It also enables to precisely assess  the costs of functioning of individual communication lines.

The system is also useful in managing driver staff and additional services which the enterprise provides.

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ABS BI for logistics enables making various comparative statements, development stimulation, results forecasting. BI answers to the questions connected with current operations of individual departments both in a real and periodic time for trend setting. It gathers data from various sources and shares them in the form of reports and graphic analyses.

  • Monitoring and management of reserves
  • Monitoring and management of inventory deposits
  • Management and optimization of storage and logistics costs
  • Monitoring and optimization of delivery routes
  • Monitoring and analysis of delivery punctuality

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ABS GIS tool is a modern geoinformation system which allows for routes optimization with goods receipt points. The system enables carrying out complex analyses based on properly designed database of different kinds of networks, objects and phenomena related to them.

ABS GIS creates a spatial data representation, with a possibility of editing map layers, looking through and analysing attributes of base objects.

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Electronic employee panel

This original solution for employee management eliminates problems related to supplying employees with paper documents in a traditional way. It allows for distribution of documents such as PIT11 (personal income tax form), IMIR (monthly and annual information for insured person, formerly RMUA - monthly report for insured person), payslips, and many others, by means of a specially prepared tool without a necessity of hand addressing and letter sending.

The system ensures:

  • Improvement of the quality of communication with employees – the application enables activation of the electronic communication channel and guarantees avoidance of difficulties connected with changes of correspondence addresses
  • Data security – eOP ensures security during exchange of confidential payroll and personnel information
  • Savings – the application allows for resigning from distribution of documents by certified letters and handling return service
  • Constant monitoring of documentation flow - the system enables real time tracing of document distribution.



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