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Industry and production

InfoConsulting company has prepared for industrial companies a range of solutions, tailored to the type of production, the size of the company, processes complexity and organizational culture.

InfoConsulting knows that in the constantly changing reality and with steadily growing competition it is crucial to:

  • plan the production effectively based on the owned resources (machines and people) and the supply of raw materials and products to final customers
  • have the possibility of preparing detailed analysis of production costs and responding to market and technological changes
  • get support in a bidding process:  in calculation of production costs for the offer
  • monitor  the production and quickly respond to occurring problems
  • trace a batch of raw materials, components, semi-finished products and products (traceability)
  • supervise the quality of raw materials and semi-finished products and products
  • plan the long-term production (demand forecasting)
  • plan the project – current tracing of progress of project realization and costs and revenue

InfoConsulting consultants assure that the system implementation takes place in a close cooperation with employees of the company ensuring understanding of system functioning and the suitable, unassisted operation. 

Solutions for industry and production:


Proposed ERP solutions allow for effective planning of material supply and long-term production. With this solution it is possible to forecast demand for the company products and calculate the product costs, as well as to analyse the real production costs at any level of specificity and in a lot of variants.

ERP allows for effective realization of project processes taking place in the company, including scheduling, reporting and planning of production resources.

Quality supervision over raw materials, semi-finished products and completed products assures business success eliminating unnecessary losses and reinforcing a positive image in customers.

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BI and Big Data

BI and Big Data solutions ensure full service of analytical and reporting needs through interactive analyses, dashboards and results cards, and their sharing as mobile applications. The proposed solution is a complete platform of Business Intelligence which gives at the same time an opportunity to run custom activities by creating its new elements.

With the use of ABS BI analytical solutions and Big Data technology it is possible to do the production process analysis in a real time with a full analysis of particular production parameters. In the case of noticing errors, the system allows for immediate correction or modification enabling elimination of potential losses in this area.

These solutions enable to run very complex simulations on the basis of predilection modelling and analysis of very large sets of information.

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CRM system offered by InfoConsulting is a modern solution which gives a full image of cooperation with customers – 360 °. Companies gain full image of relationships with customers by receiving measurable reports enabling their effective management. With CRM they gain:

  • The possibility of making accurate business decisions thanks to collecting and analysing information about customers
  • Ability to adapt offers to a target group with a correct customer segmentation
  • Support of creation of developmental strategies of customers’ wallet
  • Easy access to management information on different levels
  • Problem-free integration with other applications which allows for easy information sharing
  • Fast service thanks to the user interface known from the Microsoft Office environment

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