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Improvement of transport services in MPK Legnica thanks to integrated management system

Goal of the implementation

Improvement in effectiveness of modern vehicles management.

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne (MPK) (Public Transport Company) in Legnica has been running since 1996 providing transport services in public transport. The enterprise has got not only high-class public busses but also modern technological facilities including the wash adapted to washing any types of vehicles and the service station dealing with repairs and tyre fitting. Machines allow for effective and fast service not only of own vehicles but also for providing services to external customers. The plant motor vehicle inspection station having status and authorizations of a regional motor vehicle inspection station  plays an important role in the work of MPK Legnica.

MPK Legnica services 24 bus lines. Over 14 million of passengers in Legnica use the enterprise transport services annually.

Course of the implementation

InfoConsulting signed the contract for implementation of IFS Applications on May 2011. After preparing and verifying the projected solution, the preparations to launch the system have begun. The system launch took place on January 1st 2012.

IFS Applications system involves key areas of company operation: finances and accounting, payoff and personnel area, material management, delivery and sales and renovation sector. At present 60 users use IFS Applications system.

Benefits of the implementation

Implementation of IFS Applications system facilitated company management in all areas of activity. Main benefits from the implementation are  access to managerial information on an ongoing basis, support in the area of finances and accounting, improvement in effectiveness in material management and improvement in renovation planning. Moreover there was an improvement in the quality of services provided by the partnership.

The system proved useful in practice in selling transport tickets and other services based on administered and contract gross prices.

The important advantage of IFS was the possibility of integration with other specialized branch solutions such as exchange of information about fuel consumption or sales of tickets by drivers.

The system enables also cost assessment of operation of particular communication lines.

About the customer

MPK Legnica Sp. z o.o. has been running since 1996. The partnership provides transport services in public transport, bus rental services, technical MOT tests of all types, car park services, service and repair of mechanical vehicles, exchange and repair of tyres, vehicles wash and advertisements. MPK Legnica services 20 city daily lines, 2 suburban and 2 night lines. MPK Legnica transport services are used annually by over 14 million of passengers. The partnership already has 68 vehicles including 64 of  new generation. The partnership employs 234 people including 134 drivers and approximately 40 mechanics.

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    ““We were looking for a solution that would support our actions, above all, when planning renovation works and running material policy. With such a number of vehicles that we have at our disposal and a huge amount of spare parts it was impossible to gain control over it without a suitable IT tool.”
    Janusz Dulik / Director for technical and operational matters and proxy in MPK Legnica
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    “The sector of renovations and management of spare parts gained a lot thanks to the implementation. The control in this area improved considerably. At present we can see in the system which parts we use up the most and we can foresee with much greater precision what the annual demand for spare parts will be. And it is translated into concrete savings.”
    Janusz Dulik / Director for technical and operational matters and proxy in MPK Legnica
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