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Improvement of enterprise functioning thanks to implementation of ERP central solution – IFS Applications™

Aim of the project

Creating the unitary integrated system involving all activities of Kuźnia Polska SA.

The project was divided into two stages: analysis ending in project solution and implementing ending in assistance after the production launch. The following modules were implemented:

  • Finances
  • Distribution (purchases, sales, warehouses)
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Payroll and Personnel
Benefits of the implementation
  • Processes arrangement
  • Data centralization
  • Access to managerial information on an ongoing basis
  • Enabling precise traceability of goods delivered to customers and managing work pieces by cooperants
  • Technological and trade information available directly from the system
  • Shortening the time of receiving information about technical cost of product creation
  • Implementing workflow elements enabling running processes in the system, thanks to defined confirmation paths
  • The entirety settled in virtual environments allowing for further development
About the customer

The subject of activity of Kuźnia Polska S.A. is production of a high quality hot drop forging, steel, dedicated most of all to motorization and also to mining, railroading and machine industry. In the production process we use, among other, Maxi forging presses, screw presses, machine presses, forging hammers and specialist devices which enable creating a very wide range of assortment of drop forging weighting from 0,05 to 25 kg. The plant has its own tool room where 100% of tools used in the forging process are made. Both technical documentation of drop forging and making tools are executed in the CAD/CAM technique.

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    „The implemented ERP system IFC Applications™ in Kuźnia Polska will fulfil the role of central solution inside the Company which will result in improvement in the enterprise’s performance and will contribute to more effective planning of activities and faster response to market changes.”
    Janusz Bożek / Project Manager Kuźnia Polska S.A.
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