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Hardware Delivery, Installation and IT service

The optimal choice of equipment for your business needs

Dostawa, instalacja i serwis sprzętu ITThe InfoConsulting hardware offer has been prepared for clients already possessing the IT infrastructure, as well for clients, which expect an optimal solution and configurations for their business needs. InfoConsulting specialists will help you in specifying the capabilities, direction, methods and costs of older systems upgrading along with picking the optimal new solutions offered by equipment producers in the field of Enterprise computing.

The InfoConsulting offer includes:

  • Auditing of resources in the High-End infrastructure field i.e. mapping their current role and programs functioning on their system
  • Infrastructure and software licenses analysis
  • Defining technical capabilities and consolidation of existing maintenance costs and risks
  • Consulting out replacing the current ones solutions,
  • Comparison of the total maintenance cost and recovery costs calculation
  • Infrastructure conversion project realization: delivery, installation and configuration

InfoConsulting has cooperated with well- known and global  IT infrastructure parts suppliers : HP, IBM , EMC, HDC , Quantum, Cisco, Brocade, RSA

  • Disk arraya
  • Data duplicator
  • Tape Archives
  • SAN networks
  • X86 servers, POWER, ISC
  • Safety

What does this mean? IF:

  • You, the client, use older generation equipment
  • Costs of maintaining software licenses (for example, Oracel) are extremely high and you’d like to find a way to reduce them
  • Period of basic insurance of the equipment has expired, and annual service renewal is burdening the IT sector  budget
  • If resources lost on server functioning require reduction

It’s time to take a good look at the chance to eliminate these problems, in which the competent InfoConsulting experts will happily support you.

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