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eBOK- electronic Customer Service

A modern tool to improve customer service

ebok-700x555Access to Customer Service 7 days a week 24 hours a day

eBOK is a modern communication channel that streamlines customer service. With this platform, the customer has the ability to inspect their own affairs by themself via the Internet. There, always current data on the liabilities to the company, access to their own documents with no need to leave home as well as access to all the information gathered in one place are available. The system by InfoConsulting supports daily work of many enterprises facilitating their customer service process.

Investment in the eBOK system means higher satisfaction level and huge benefits for customers. It is  also an extremely functional application for enterprises:

  • The system manages issues reported by customers. All entries are stored, and customers receive an e-mail notification of any incident that concerns them and has been registered in the portal. Any entry, not only the Internet one, goes to the issue service module . Cases are put in order and given their IDs, and then tehy get assigned to appropriate employess who can manage them through convenient service panels.
  • The system provides a very convenient feature which is to deliver electronic invoices to customers. Assuming that the supplier will sign an appropriate agreement on delivery of documents in electronic form with the recipient, the invoice will be delivered to the customer faster. Online payment module allows the customer to pay quickly, thanks to which waiting time for the payment is shorter.
  • The application is able to generate and send notifications of upcoming payment deadlines. Thanks to that, customers do not need to remember their obligations dates and the company does not bear any cost recovery.
  • eBOK makes it possible to create aggregated information that is sent to customers. The possibilities of this solution are very large and depend on the creativity and needs of the system users (eg, marketing department employees). Many kinds of messages can be sent through it, for example, Christmas cards, information about the cooperative members meeting, information on temporary lack of access to water, or about promotions and good discounts for their products .

The application is very simple and intuitive, does not require extensive informatics infrastructure. It is also easy to administer.




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