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Customer Relation Management

PT-Dyn-rgb_CRM13Nowadays managing the relations between customers and a the firm is becoming a common conception. Managing several companies in an efficient way allows for the costs decreasing  while increasing the profitability.

The needs and, more importantly,  the satisfaction of the client is a priority for the firm , in which case resources and processes should be focused on creating values for the customer. However, in order to collect the commonly scattered information about the client, of varying quality and standards, as well as having the ability to run analyses the right IT tool is required.

Through the synergy of the competent InfoConsulting experts and Microsoft Dynamics CRM we have created an offer, which automates the business process  within the enterprise. The CRM system allows for the arrangement of information about a client and creating relations, granting the opportunity of having an individual approach towards process of marketing, selling and after selling in each region of the company.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a simple and intuitive interface, while the integration of other Microsoft products makes it one of the commonly and eagerly  chosen application on the market. The system is characterized by its flexibility, which allows the product to quickly adapt to the expectations of the organization  and allows for the creation of a coherent and clear database for sales departments, improving the flow of information in the enterprise.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the client with a current outlook on sales operations, starting on the beginning of contacts, through the realization of the order and the current contact. The system also blocks unnecessary technical mirroring of the operations through the information access shared among  key workers.

The application allows for the independent creation of reports and shows the flow of work. The data collection takes place in the real-time, in such a manner, that the decision makers have a constant access to sale results, the state of realization and the history of decisions made. Huge possibilities of visual presentation of the data give the chance to identify market trends and possible profits.

InfoConsulting asides from the implementation of Microsoft  Dynamics  CRM offers services of advising and consulting on every stage of the system appliance.

Benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Creating long-lasting relations with clients through unification of service processes.
  • Guaranteeing one safe database about the client
  • Access to current information on customer history
  • Efficiency of analyzing and predicting sales
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