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Construction companies

The construction industry must face a lot of problems - high taxes, growing bureaucracy, high work cost, seasonality of services, are only some of the examples.

How to build a company that can overcome these problems? Recession forces the industry to manage its resources more carefully.

With InfoConsulting solutions construction companies gain help in management of key areas of their activity. One of them is fixed monitoring of the financial flow and analysis of contractors’ and subcontractors’ credibility. Quick response to payment backlogs, delivery delays or due settlements may protect the company against serious problems. One coherent system collecting information from all departments of the company on an ongoing basis  signalizes areas which require intervention.

A flexible response to external factors allows to optimize resources ensuring project realization on time. Solutions offered by InfoConsulting give an opportunity to properly plan and budget projects.

Solutions for the construction trade:


The solution of InfoConsulting company, based on the IFS system, supports the most important processes in building companies such as:

  • project management
  • planning for material needs
  • resource management (staff, devices)
  • analyses and control of effectiveness of executed projects

Project management allows a complex service of executed works on each stage starting with bidding, through negotiating with subcontractors and providers, costing, work scheduling, management of library and documentation workflow, accounting of costs and work time of all project resources, and ending with the analyses of project effectiveness.

InfoConsulting solution allows for full control over the project performance in the context of budgets and their execution. A full ratio analysis allows for using alerts, warnings, validation of correctness of performed activities at any stage of the realized project. There is a possibility of integration with any information tool, e.g. used for cost estimation, as well as with other generally used tools, such as MS Project.

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Business Intelligence solution offered by InfoConsulting is a modern system ensuring great flexibility adapted to the needs of the construction industry. Its implementation brings measurable benefits resulting from the availability of current data of  high quality. It enables mobile service processing and making use of proceedings and reports.

  • The solution provides current tracing of activity results, of all substantial effectiveness indexes and effects of undertaken market actions, with the possibility of accessing the detailed data through properly prepared dashboards available also on mobile devices
  • Monitoring of results achieved by individual branches and organizational units and making decisions on projects realization, market management, resource management
  • Current monitoring and analysis of market data

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Electronic employee panel

The original solution for employee management eliminates problems related to supplying employees with paper documents in a traditional way. It allows for distribution of documents such as PIT11 (personal income tax form), IMIR (monthly and annual information for insured person) (formerly RMUA - monthly report for insured person), payslips, and many others, by means of a specialized tool without a necessity of hand addressing and letter sending

The system ensures:

  • Improvement of the quality of communication with employees – the application enables activation of the electronic communication channel and guarantees avoidance of difficulties connected with changes of correspondence addresses
  • Data security – eOP ensures security during exchange of confidential payroll and personnel information
  • Savings – the application allows for omission of distribution of documents by certified letters and handling returns service
  • Constant monitoring of documentation workflow - the system enables ongoing tracing of document distribution.



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