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Complex, integrated solution for the sewage and water sector

ERP OpwikAim of implementation:

Increasing the effectiveness of enterprise management by implementing a complex, integrated information solution – IFS Applications™.

Before the implementation of ERP integrated system – IFS Applications™ – several simple, independent information tools were used in Otwockie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. (OPWiK) (Water and Supply Company in Otwock). They included only some areas of company’s activity, like finances and accounting, customer service and warehouse management. Due to the lack of integration of current IT tools, access to managerial information was hampered and it limited possibilities of effective management.

Implementation course:

Activating IFS Applications™ system took place according to schedule and in April 2012 the solution was launched. The following modules were implemented within the project: IFS Finances™, IFS Distribution™, IFS Renovations™, IFS Human Resources™  IFS Payroll™.

The main goals of the project implementation were achieved. Collected and processed information in the system was organized. IFS Application™ system included all key business processes in the enterprise. Lab service, public order and investment service processes were improved. IFS Applications™ also supports management of inspections and repairs of technical infrastructure.

IFS Applications™ modules:

  • IFS Finances™
  • IFS Distribution™
  • IFS Renovations™
  • IFS Human Resources™
  • IFS Payroll™

Number of users: 50

Benefits of the implementation:

Basic benefits of the implementation of the complex, integrated information system in OPWiK are automation of data processing and facilitating and acceleration of the information flow in the enterprise.

As a result of the implementation, business processes were improved in many areas of the enterprise activity, such as contract management, service invoicing, planning and tracing investment, finances and accounting, and budgeting. Integrated management also simplified running material management, stock-taking and supporting work orders.

About the customer

Otwockie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji. Sp. z o.o. (OPWiK) has over 70 years of tradition. The partnership provides services in water supply and sewage collection in Otwock city and Karczew, Józefów and Celestynów municipalities. The water supply network in Otwock was considerably developed in recent years within the investment program “Water supply and sewage disposal system in Otwock) co-financed by the European Union. At present the length of the water supply network of OPWiK amounts to over 220 km in total, out of which over the half came into being within investment from Cohesion Fund of European Union.

  • 1
    “ERP system imposed process changes which increased operational effectiveness of our company. At present we have a well-functioning system of documentation management. We also have full records of work orders with costs assignment.”
    Grażyna Osica / Chief accountant and proxy in OPWiK Sp. z o.o.
  • 2
    “Access to information in our company was improved considerably. Data are stored in one system which all authorized employees have access to. What is important, this information is verified many times which allows for reducing the risk of incorrect decision making at any organizational level.”
    Grażyna Osica / Chief accountant and proxy in OPWiK Sp. z o.o.
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