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ABS Reports

Simple and intuitive way of generating reports!

ABS ReportsInfoConsulting Sp. z o.o. as a certified IFS partner in Poland not only supports the cooperation and business model development but also takes care of IFS Applications product functionality improvement. ABS Reports is a new product prepared by InfoConsulting as another IFS Application  8 and 9 module, in order for customers to utilize the system in an even greater degree.


ABS Reports is fully integrated with IFS Application 8 and 9 and completely replaces other reporting systems , providing much better functionality. ABS Reports module utilizes Jasper Reports technology and is prepared in a way that direct processing of IFS Applications main database data is much simpler than before. Thanks to JasperSoftStudio (configuration tool ) it is also possible to preconfigure data sources and to edit/improve your pre-defined report. JasperSoftStudio helps to design the report from scratch or to use one from many ready-made templates and supports the improvement process trough entire project and its phases including compilation, report generation and its visualization.





ABS Reports features and benefits:

  1. Simple installation
  2. Easier direct reporting from IFS Application main database
  3. Flexible and dynamic reports generation thanks to JasperSoftStudio tool utilization
  4. ABS Reports replaces all other reporting systems providing much improved possibilities
  5. Several ready-made templates make the report design process easy and intuitive
  6. The report export function supports well known formats such as : PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV, XML, ODT or DOC.
  7. Reports can be saved and distributed to predefined user groups at any time
  8. The reports visualization support all standard data display functions such as tables, charts etc.


  1. ABS Reports is made to be a new IFS Applications 8 and 9 module
  2. ABS Reports – Jasper Quick Reports
  • New template “ ABS Reports definition” . The reports registration and reports templates import in *.jrxml format, is done by utilization of JasperSoftStudio
  • New template‘ABS Reports – reports review’. The report is generated in the pdf file.
  • Reports management. The authorization is made in a standard way and in full analogy with IFS Quick Reports.
  1. ABS Reports – Operational Reports
  • New template for operational/system reports import.



Environment :

  • IFS Applications
  • C# .Net
  • Java/ IFS Application Server
  • Jasper – JasperSoftStudio – xml
  • INFO REPORTS  installation is easy and can be done remotely. The patch contains new files *.jar to support JasperReports, and new templates along with the Applications Server service.
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