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Advanced geoinformation system

GISABS GIS is a system from InfoConsulting, which enables complex databases analysis, containing information about physical objects and affecting them phenomena located under, above or on earth. ABS GIS utilizes unlimited geographical information systems possibilities, including detailed coordinates data in different reference systems as well as objects geometrical spatial relations. The system combines geographical objects attributes with its physical location and its detailed description. ABS GIS allows also collection, edition and graphical data presentation being a perfect tool for water distributing companies’ assets management.

ABS GIS helps to present and analyze physical objects data in 3D format, also helps to create and modify multilayer maps and generate reports. The final result provides comprehensive infrastructure and the dynamics around it understanding, thereby allowing its detailed control and verification.

InfoConsulting built up an IT solution, supporting water distributors in managing their infrastructure as well as helping them managing its services. As an important source of information for company decision makers the system helps more efficient business management.

ABS GIS main features:

  • Receiving points maps, with detailed provided services information including data from water meters and type of point
  • Simulation tools for water network routing and maintenance with detailed information on affected receiving points
  • Detailed water meters database with their counters status

ABS GIS provides the following benefits:

  • Customer service improvement
  • Operations and Maintenance cost reduction,
  • Comprehensive water network documentation, (central data bank)
  • Efficient infrastructure analysis and services control 

ABS GIS functionality:

  • GIS objects edition by web browser
  • Dedicated GIS tools accessible via web browser
  • Integration possibility with other systems i..e IFS or MicroStrategy
  • Advanced data and maps visualization


  • ESRI software ArcGIS for Server + ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1
  • Databases standard: Oracle, MS SQL and others



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