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ABS BI 2.0.

Multidimensional business analysis


Business Intelligence platform is an environment built on the basis of MicroStrategy system. It facilitates management of organizational knowledge in order to help efficiently execute business goals. It supports business users at any stage of the cycle of improvement of the enterprise results.

The users looking through operational reports move smoothly to the analysis of root causes and are informed about essential changes by designed result cards and notifications sent via e-mail.

The users at any stage can create different data views, check information in any place of database and change the analyse direction to monitor other key indexes of effectiveness for continuous improvement of results.

MicroStrategy solution is the top-class BI system which, thanks to its advanced architecture, allows for integration with other information systems.

Business Intelligence solution is the system offering a range of advanced and key functionalities to ensure a perfect quality of data and analyses. It has predefined elements of architecture of business data semantics (so called ABS BI Metadata – that is Attributes, Public registers, Time transformations, KPI, Reports, Dashboards, Data Hierarchy, Dictionaries, Translations).

MicroStrategy solution also shares advanced Mobile Business Intelligence tools which are targeted mainly for managerial staff and managers of high-level. Access to all analyses, reports, cockpits is possible from the level of smartphones and tablets based on iOS, Android and Blackberry systems by means of mobile technologies.

ABS BI system is an efficient architecture and the best solution MobileBusiness Intelligence.


ABS BI is the system of data storage and analysis that facilitates companies in making correct decisions and ensures communication at the highest level. For the company to work efficiently it is necessary to include information in the system of efficient data administration. Modern management requires suitable IT tools which not only save time and resources but also allow for combining knowledge with enterprise management in a simpler way. The mobile version of the solutions supports management of the most important business processes in the company on an ongoing basis.

Partners of InfoConsulting company are the worldwide class leaders on the market of such solutions like Business Intelligence systems (MicroStrattegy®) and ERP systems (IFS Industrial And Financial Systems Poland Sp. z o. o.).


ABS BI 2.0. –for users of IFS Applications system

ABS BI 2.0 is an advanced reporting and analytical solution combined with the possibility of report visualization and mobile access to data and their analyses which is based on MicroStrategy technology version 10 and is embedded in IFS Information Sources. Thanks to this, project implementation typically does not take much time – around one month.

ABS BI 2.0 includes the set of ready analyses, reports and dashboards in sales, finances, controlling, logistics and production.

  • Thanks to ABS BI 2.0 solution customers will be able to carry out analyses and make business decisions in a faster and more effective way on the basis of data included in analyses, and so far hidden in standard reports generated from IFS Applications.
  • They will have an access to current information, and at the same time knowledge about the company looking at it from many perspectives. Additionally, it is given in a simple, clear and friendly design considering various forms of presentation (tables, charts, desktops, results cards, visualisations).
  • Analyses and reports are generated and refreshed automatically without the participation of people reducing at the same time the risk of mistakes.
  • Extra access to data about company and information by mobile application will enable running business from any place.

It will be possible to execute non-standard needs in analytics and reporting by the business users themselves by giving them the possibility of introducing changes and, in the case of the most sophisticated challenges, it will definitely enable their execution in shorter time.

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