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Commemorative saber sealed the implementation success in Kuźnia Polska S.A.

  • 2 December 2016

Currently, it is difficult to image the management of a modern enterprise without an integrated IT system. The aim of such a solution is to provide timely and accurate data, allowing for making and implementing necessary business decisions, for decision-makers. These actions are undertaken in order to effectively achieve business goals assumed by enterprises and efficiently carry out the planned tasks.

Kuźnia Polska, as a supplier of die forgings and mechanically processed products, ultimately wants to be a leading player in this industry in the market. An element supporting the achievement of strategic objectives was a plan to create a uniform, integrated system covering all areas of the organization.

Before the implementation, the Client used many systems dedicated to individual areas. Management information was prepared on the basis of data collected from various sources. This resulted in the lack of consistency in data or the same data was codified in different ways in various subsystems. Moreover, the company had difficulty in the maintenance of IT environment, on which individual subsystems were deposited. Therefore, the decision about the selection and implementation of ERP system was made.

On the basis of the advisory project and the best practices related to the preparation of the organization to identify the optimal solution, IFS Applications ™ system was selected. The agreement with the implementation company InfoConsulting (platinum partner of IFS Poland) was signed. This company obtained the best marks in terms of experience and competences.

With the use of IFS Applications ™ and with the support of experienced consultants from InfoConsulting, the company achieved the previously determined business goals, optimized processes and achieved the full success in implementation.

The most important benefits resulting from the use of an application, which is in the forefront of global solutions, include:

  • Ordering of processes
  • Data centralization
  • Ongoing access to management information
  • Accurate traceability of products supplied to clients and the management of workpieces by suppliers
  • Availability of technological and commercial information directly from the system
  • Shorter time to obtain information about the technical cost concerning the product’s manufacturing
  • Introduction of workflow elements that enable the realization of processes in the system through defined paths of approval

The essence of the implementation of IFS Applications ™ was to support production processes. Besides a number of standard solutions, Kuźnia Polska has obtained a lot of new or expanded functionalities, which include:

  • Works of individual manufacturing cells directly on production halls are recorded
  • Information about the actual costs incurred to produce a certain product is collected
  • Technologists got the tools to manage the technology of production – product structures and process routes
  • Thanks to the variability, it is possible to prepare changes and implement them at a certain point in time
  • Processes of manufacturing corrections were handled in the system – withdrawal of items produced in earlier stages of production and their retransfer to manufacturing operations
  • The system also included the department responsible for the preparation of production tools
  • Amounts of works performer on individual tools are recorded
  • This enables better management of tools, planning, their regeneration and creation of new tools

The implementation was carried out in accordance with the schedule. Thanks to the effective cooperation between Kuźnia Polska S.A. and experts from InfoConsulting, all obstacles have been resolved taking into account objectives of the project and the final result – a solution adapted to the dynamics of the client’s development. Expert knowledge of consultants from InfoConsulting and experience gained by them during the cooperation with companies from the industrial sector were extremely important in the project. These features allowed the strict clarification and understanding of the client’s needs and implementation of a complex solution, which supports the management of Kuźnia Polska S.A.

Within the framework of a gratitude for the successful implementation of IFS Applications ™ system, representatives of managers from Kuźnia Polska presented to the CEO of InfoConsulting commemorative sabers.

The statement of Mr. Ryszard Sofiński, CEO of Kuźnia Polska S.A. demonstrates the success of the project: „We can recommend InfoConsulting Sp. z o.o., as a reliable partner in the implementation of ERP system, to all companies that consider on the improvement of their business activity”.

Good atmosphere in the team and professionalism were also confirmed by Ryszard Schwartz, Project Manager of InfoConsulting. „Cooperation with employees from Kuźnia Polska was a great pleasure due to their understanding of the philosophy of IFS Applications™ and its abilities. It can be stated that in this moment they are the best experts of IFS Applications™ in the range of solutions used in their organizations”.

ERP system is usually the central point of IT infrastructure in the company – it is a tool that supports the most important areas of the business activity. IFS Applications™ in Kuźnia Polska has the same application. It was extremely important to ensure the stability of operation, ease of use and functionality of the implemented solution. “The implemented system IFS Applications™ (ERP class) will act in Kuźnia Polska as a central solution inside the company what will result in the improvement of the enterprise and contribute to the effective planning of actions and faster respond to market changes” – Janusz Bożek, Project Manager in Kuźnia Polska S.A.

 „The managing board and employees of Kuźnia Polska S.A. were very well prepared for the implementation project. They knew what they want to achieve by implementing this new system. The commitment of the client in this project was visible and it was a good sign for the future. It showed how our cooperation should be realized. During this project, we built a great mutual trust, which resulted in the completion of the above-mentioned project with success – Mirosław Kamiński, CEO of InfoConsulting.


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